Nelson is a small city in the north of the south island. There are a lot of small beautiful houses with sometimes great gardens in front of them. It has a nice cathedral with very dedicated guides inside, who not can answer you a lot of questions but also want to convert you to their creed.   The CBD (Central Business District) is nice and easy to explore. But most famous is Nelson probably for its port with all the small and big ships in it.

I went there to the visitor center to get some cards and stamps. As they offered really cool stamps that were different from the ones in the normal post office, I bought some even if they were more expensive. These stamps were just a fern leave or a kiwi – no number on it, nothing. The sad thing is that all the postcards I send from there didn’t arrive till today. I can just advise anybody who read this text to just use the normal post office. It is faster and more important the letters and cards reach their destination – in my case within less than 2 weeks.

In the afternoon I already headed on to my next destination to Takaka. On my way there through Nelson I picked up Phillip who should accompany me for some days. Again we had to cross some Mountains. On the top of the pass we had some fabulous looks over the area.

Around Motueka there are a lot of farms who offer their goods. But in difference to Germany you don’t have to go to some kind of shop. There is just some shed with all the fruits and vegetables. We were unsure and so we rang the bell of the house next by. In there was a women who is from Switzerland and lived for several decades in New Zealand. She told us that normally the people just take what they want and leave the money for it in the bowl there. Just once or twice a year thieves come by and steal the money. That is really great. Why doesn’t it work this way also in Germany? Not only for some flowers on the field …


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