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Zug steht im Bahnhof 0

Bahnsinn – Wahnsinniger Bericht aus der Bahn

Angelehnt an das Buch Bahnsinn, dass mir Lihua, eine gute Freundin, bei einer ähnlichen Gelegenheit gesendet hat, tituliere ich auch meinen heutigen Blogeintrag entsprechend. Die Bahn gibt sich mal wieder alle Mühe, mich als...

Stadtschloss in Eisenach 0


Today, I started my tour through Eastern Germany. My first destination is Eisenach in Thuringia. As today was a normal working day the streets were free and the traffic flew easily. When I arrived...



Nelson is a small city in the north of the south island. There are a lot of small beautiful houses with sometimes great gardens in front of them. It has a nice cathedral with...


Journey from Christchurch to Nelson

In the first place I wanted to drive from Christchurch to Kaikoura further to Hammer Springs and then on to Nelson with whale watching, swimming and what else you normally do on this tour. ...


New Zealand – Christchurch

Even if I’m damned tired I will leave at least a short message in the blog to show you a bit of what I’m doing here on the other side of the world.  ...


Flight to New Zealand – an unexpected journey

Hello Folks, using the time at the airport with free WiFi to update travel descriptions. As already posted on Facebook I finally arrived in Christchurch and am now waiting for my car dealer to...


Karneval 2013 in Koblenz

Mal schauen, ob der Blog funktioniert und meine Beiträge nach Facebook exportiert werden. Hier ein paar Fotos vom Rosenmontagsumzug: