New Zealand – Christchurch

Even if I’m damned tired I will leave at least a short message in the blog to show you a bit of what I’m doing here on the other side of the world.


My first stop was in Christchurch. As my hostel was on the other end of the town arriving on the airport I decided to just stay at the airport until my car rental company opens its doors at 8 a.m. Unfortunately the airport staff woke us at 5 in the morning because it is not allowed to sleep there.

Shortly after 8 the transfer taxi to the car rental brought me to my new car for the next 4 weeks. It took me nearly an hour to get used to the different armature and driving on the left side of the road.


First I wanted to see some Riccarton Market in Christchurch, but it was already to late, so I decided to take a surf lesson, which also did never take place or at least not with me attending it, as a got the wrong address. The day at the beach was nevertheless fabulous.


But what else can I say about Christchurch? The center of the city it still closed, a lot of roads a still damaged. The suburbs are okay, but a lot of shops have closed or are moved.


If you want to see some real kiwi, you can go to the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Further on you can see a lot of different other animals that for the greatest part a running freely around. Also you can see some of the agriculture history of New Zealand.

And now just have a look at the pictures, they tell more than I can explain in a few words.


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